Testimonial - Barbara

"The Carney Group placed me in the best job that I have ever had. The “fit” is perfect!

I first met The Carney Group at a Career Fair, where I told them about my excitement about starting a job with a new company that sold weight loss programs to doctors’ offices and my job would be to “up sell” and also train the physicians and nurses on the use of the product.  I was very excited, only to find out that my training and new job was put on hold.

Carney to the rescue!  Willing to do just about anything to supplement my income while I waiting for my new job to start up, I found myself meeting some wonderful people employed by The Carney Group. Then, the rug was pulled out from under me, and the job with the weight loss company fell through 3 days before I was supposed to start.

Again, Carney started helping me find full time employment.  They were very aggressive, resourceful and concerned about finding me the right placement. I was introduced to another Carney associate who spent time getting to know me too.  They were all on a mission and I was very grateful for their dedication!

Within a very short time, I had 2 interviews and became employed by my new family, a professional development company.  This is absolutely the best place to work and my contributions are appreciated. Each day I am told how happy my employer is for having me as a part of the team!  Everyday I am anxious to get to work.  I am helping people by selling a service that I am very passionate about…training and coaching people at Fortune 500 companies.

My thanks are extended to the entire Carney Group for their diligence and hard work in finding me the right “fit”."

-Barbara, Sales Professional Placement