Gold Collar Workers

The Carney Group is dedicated to the needs of our job candidates – regardless of their age, qualifications and work experience. We have been recognized for the development of our award-winning “Gold Collar Workers®” program which highlights the value “Mature Workers” can bring to a company.

Reliable – Experienced – Stable – Responsible – Accomplished

Are these qualities you seek in an employee? The Carney Group’s Mature Workers possess these qualities and add value to your company. Our Gold Collar Workers® are truly ‘worth their weight in gold’ by significantly improving your bottom line. These workers adapt quickly to the work environment and are excellent mentors for new employees.

Since its inception, The Carney Group has championed Mature Workers and was selected as the Small Company Winner of the Pennsylvania Hall of Fame of Champions of Older Workers. The Hall of Fame includes employers from around the state who have made special and noteworthy efforts to hire and accommodate older workers. Approximately 100 nominations were received and The Carney Group was selected as the most outstanding Small Company Employer for its contributions to the employment of older workers.