Interview Best Practices

An interview is a job seeker’s “sales call.” The better prepared you are beforehand, the higher the chance the employer will view you as a top candidate. Practice selling yourself in a confident manner and distinguish yourself as a unique candidate by following our interview tips:

  • Always take the interview. Even if it’s not your “dream” job, you don’t know where that interview may lead.  Every interview is a networking opportunity that can lead you to the next phase in your career.
  • Be on time. Arrive 10 minutes early so you can familiarize yourself with the office and culture.  It also allows you to take a deep breath and relax before the interview begins.
  • Be positive. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Be positive and personable to everyone you interact with from the receptionist to the CEO.
  • Dress to Impress. It’s better to over-dress by wearing a suit than under-dress.  This shows that you care about getting the job.
  • Do your homework. Research the company beforehand. Read through the company website; understand its products, customers, competition, culture and mission. Be prepared to ask informed questions about the company during the interview which shows that you are interested and informed.
  • Sell yourself. Remember to sell what the client is buying! Present your credentials according to the position’s key qualifications set by the interviewer.  By doing your homework, you will know the key talking points are.
  • End with the Presumptive Close. Once the interview ends, ask the interviewer if he/she feels that you have the qualifications that they are looking for. If so, ask for next steps. Provide further clarification on any areas of concern indicated.
  • Thank Yous. A follow up thank you note or email goes a long way in the process. Take the time to send a message to the person you interviewed with to show your appreciation for the time and ongoing interest in the job opportunity.  Those five minutes could be the difference in a second interview or job offer.

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