“I have had the pleasure to work with the Carney Group as a candidate.  I found Barbara and Nanette truly focused on making a long term match.  They took the time to understand who I was and what I was looking for.  They understand the importance of cultural alignment and how to spot it.  The process they designed allowed me to get to know my future employer very well.  They gave me complete confidence to accept the offer when it came.  Barbara even helped me establish a relationship with a person they placed in a similar role several years ago.  This person has been invaluable to help me become established in my new role.  Now, my employer has a new hire to make next month.  We have full confidence in the Carney Group to make another great match!”

Robert, Chief Financial Officer, Chester County

The Carney group was terrific to work with. Each step of the way of the interview and hiring process, they responded with updates and great words of encouragement. They know how to screen the applicants and match experience, skills and motivation to present the foremost job-seeker.

Holly, Controller, Montgomery County

Working with The Carney Group has been one of the most valuable moves in my professional career. My circumstances have varied over the past several years & Carney was always willing to meet me where I am. They never had a shortage of opportunities whether I was looking for part-time work, short-term contract assignments or even a permanent position. I knew that I was with the right firm from the start and never looked back.

In a wonderful twist, I am now the Client and I continue to work with The Carney Group as they help me recruit talent to grow my team. They take the extra step to ensure that candidates are qualified, prepared & committed to the project.
Good candidates are hard to find and Carney always come through!

Cindy, Healthcare & Insurance Program Manager, Greater Philadelphia Region

“When I relocated to the area, I reached out to The Carney Group for job opportunities.  Interviews were set up and within a week I had a full-time position with a large company and the rest is history as an instant professional connection took place. I’ve never been disappointed, despite some ups and downs due to Covid-19, through it all, I knew that The Carney Group, Andrea and Nanette were behind me and have been working continuously on my behalf.  The dedication that The Carney Group has to their employees is hard to find. Being family owned and in business over 25 years, shows their pride in what Carney does from day to day. That connectivity does not go away when their shift ends and the doors are locked for the night as I myself have received calls from both Andrea and Nanette after hours.  I would recommend The Carney Group to anyone asking without hesitation.”

Patricia, Healthcare Specialist, Greater Philadelphia Suburbs

“After being in the US for almost 2 years, and continuously looking for work, my google search came up to The Carney Group. Taking the first step into the job market after being out of work for so long was intimidating to say the least. After meeting with Michael Carney during my interview, I was reassured that all is not lost, and that there is hope for me to actually start working again. He understood my trepidation of trying something new, and put me in touch with a few companies. I found the confidence to say “I can do this.”

The Carney Group not only makes an effort to find us possible job profiles, they also understand our personalities and find positions that suit us. Thank You, Mike & team for all you help and support. “

Teena, Healthcare and Medical Records Specialist

The Carney Group provided me with the perfect job upon my retirement over 10 years ago. It allows me the flexibility to work and have time to spend with my family and travel. My coworkers are primarily retired professionals who have strong work ethics, are very interesting and great to work with. We strive to do our best to hold up the high standards of Carney to ensure we’ll be called back.


I have been an employee  of the Carney Group for 17 years doing temp work for Special Events Manager, Jennine Ottomano. It has been great working with Jennine. She is so supportive, helpful, caring and will always advocate on your behalf when situations warrant. I love my assignments, as they offer a chance to learn,  meet, and interact with so many  new people.  I highly recommend the Carney Group if you’re looking for new and exciting employment opportunities from a staff that will care about you.

Doreen, Trade Show Staff

I have worked “retirement” jobs with the Carney Group off and on since 2003, mainly in the Special Events arena but occasionally on administrative temp positions as well.  After 20+ years in Human Resources, I have a pretty strong idea of what an effective organization looks like and the Carney Group definitely fills that bill.   They are always excellent to work with; supportive and considerate of their employees.   I highly recommend them and have referred many individuals to them!

Pat, Customer Care, Special Events Representative

I just want to thank the Carney Group for helping me find employment post-retirement…..They are just wonderful to work for!

James, Retired Professional, Mature Worker

As a Staffing Partner for events, I can say I thoroughly enjoy my job with The Carney Group.  My supervisor is respectful of each employee, is organized, considerate and a professional. My colleagues are great team players, well-trained, reliable and professional.   A camaraderie easily develops amongst the staff and the customers who request Carney staff year after year.  There are a variety of positions to be filled and each event is always well staffed. I feel the staff enjoys the various jobs and positions they are offered and fill.

Stella, Special Events & Large Project Staffing Candidate